2016 Retail Price List

Mulch / Soil - All Cost / Yard

Double Ground Bark Mulch $26.00/yd
Black Dyed $32.00/yd
Red Dyed $32.00/yd
Gold Dyed $32.00/yd
Lightwood $22.00/yd
Screened Top Soil $30.00/yd
Techna Grow (Compost) $35.00/yd

Bagged Goods

Pro III Grass Seed $3.10/lb – $140.00/bag
Shade Grass Seed $2.80/lb – $126.00/bag
25-0-3 25% SCU Fertilizer $18.50/bag
16-28-12 30% Slow Start Fertilizer $27.00/bag
EasyGrow 1-2-3 (covers app. 900 sq.ft) $28.10/bag
Peat Moss $14.00/bale
Lime $5.15/bag

Paver & Landscape Supplies

Paver Edge Restraint $13.20/8′pc
Spikes (10 ” use 5 per 8′ pc) $0.40/Spike
Jointing Sand $11.49/bag
Polymeric Sand $24.44/bag
Polybind HP Sand $24.73/bag
Cleaner SB 488 Efflorescence Rust Remover $25.30/gal
Sealer BP Stabilizing Sealer – Covers 50-150 sq.ft./gal  (Wet Look) $51.46/gal
Chisel with Hand Guard $43.70/gal
Unilock Adhesive (10.5 oz) $7.48
Filter Fabric $0.17/sq. ft.
Vinyl Edge, 20′ pc (Commerical grade-5″ deep. Includes connector & 5 stakes) $18.00
Straw $4.95/bale
Unilock Pavers/Walls Separate Price List

Bulk Stone & Material

Bulk Round Rocks, 6″-12″ $37.50/Half Yard
Concrete Sand $17.50/Half Yard
#4 Gravel $23.00/Half Yard
Limestone Base $22.00/Half Yard
Concrete Base $18.00/Half Yard
#57 Gravel $22.00/Half Yard
River Rock-Large $42.50/Half Yard
#8 Pea Gravel $23.00/Half Yard
#57 Limestone $25.00/Half Yard
Red Lava Rock $90.00/Half Yard
#57 Blue Stone $50.00/Half Yard
Flat Sandstone $250.00/ton
Big Stone Boulders $180.00/ton
Flagstone $0.15-$0.18/lb
Decorative Boulders Priced Individually
Bubbler Rocks Priced Individually
River Rock-Small $30.00/Half Yard
#8 Limestone $27.00/Half Yard
#8 Grey Limestone $32.00/Half Yard

Nursery Stock

  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Flowers
  • Bushes

A&M Leonard Tools

●Straight Head Rakes           ●Folding Saws            ●Pick w/ Hickory Handle

●Closed Back Shovels           ●Cultivators                ●Crew Lopper

●Wheelbarrows                      ●Trowels                     ● Soil Knife

●Work gloves                          ●Bypass Pruner         ● Waterproof Kneeling Pad

Railroad Ties

Relay Ties $14.75/Tie ($14.25 for 5 or more)
Grade B Ties $8.00 (When Available)
Rebar (Spikes 1/2″ X 18″) $1.95/each

Delivery Fees

Delivery Charge:  $10- Maximo
                             other locations vary 

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